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Horticultural Consultant

I started gardening as a teenager, in Malaysia, in direct competition to my father who was renowned for his collection of orchid species. Roses were not grown in the lowland tropics at that time but I was determined to create my own rose garden. I started with a rose named 'Bravo' from Thailand and soon visitors came to see my roses rather than Dad's orchids. At school I ran the Gardening Club and my enthusiasm and delight in plants grew as I did.

I came to the UK to read Horticulture and was fortunate to be awarded a First Class degree and a Bursary, which enabled me to pursue my passion for Seeds. My doctorate lead to work with FAO/UN (Food & Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations), when I worked in Taiwan, Thailand, Syria and Senegal and eventually New Zealand. Thereafter, I was appointed to various positions in the UK. My last full time appointment was Head of Horticultural Science, Advice & Trials at RHS Wisley.

With the birth of our son my career shifted its emphasis to teaching and consultancy work and the development of Gardening at Home. Gardening is in my blood. I revel in my passion for roses and seeds but I am a scientist at heart, eager to explore questions, find solutions and share knowledge.

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