Enhancing the beauty of your garden
dr anna dourado - gardening consultant | home counties

Donít know where to start Ė The challenge of a new garden

First Anna will help you to identify what is growing in the garden. Then, Anna will assist you to plan a management programme for the garden. She will identify the areas that require immediate remedial work e.g. pernicious weeds in lawns, plants in need of renovation pruning, areas of the garden that require restoration or renovation, plants that need to be removed.

Anna will then tailor the management programme to meet your needs and aspirations for the garden over a timescale that suits you.

Alternatively, you may wish to design your own garden but may not know where or how to start. Anna will work along side you in suggesting ideas, styles and themes, help with the selection and procurement of plants, supervise the planting and provide information on the continuing maintenance of the plantings

Trouble shooting Ė A walk around your garden

Anna will walk round your garden with you identifying plants and pointing out problems or attributes that they may have. She will answer most questions you have about the garden on site and can further research any subjects that you require more information on. She can provide a written report.

Specialist plant cultivation

Be it for roses, herbaceous plants, shrubs or bulbs Anna can provide expert advice on a range of plants; beginning at choice of cultivar to suit your needs e.g. a list of free flowering scented climbers; cultivation and management details and where to source your chosen plants


(herbaceous and woody plants)

Anna will conduct timely demonstrations on how best to prune the plants in your garden

Selection of plants for:

Whether for different seasons, different soil types or different traits (herbaceous, shrubs, woodland, trees, drought resistant plants) Anna will help you to select the best plants for your needs and then provide details of procurement. She could also buy plants on your behalf thereby ensuring that only the best quality plants are planted

Growing Vegetables and Fruit

Anna will assist you in all stages of growing these crops to ensure a bountiful harvest.

As she lectured in vegetable production in the past, there is little she does not know about growing vegetables. Recently Anna worked alongside a client in developing a raised vegetable bed and container grown vegetables, which gave much delight to the children and provided a first crop of vegetables for the family

Container Gardening

Anna will help you plant up your containers. She will assist you in plant selection including the growing of vegetables, fruit and herbs in containers

Common pests & diseases, including organic control methods

Anna will teach you how to identify most of the common pest and diseases in your garden and direct you to sources of information on their control

Weeds: identification & management

Anna will teach you how to identify most of the common weeds in your garden and direct you to sources of information on their control

Seeds: saving & storing

Anna will assist you in sowing seeds in seed trays, plugs and various other modules. She will provide useful tips to ensure that you get a good germination rate. She will identify the plants in your garden from which you can save seed and she will demonstrate the best methods of preparing seed for storage. Anna will show you how best to store seeds. If you have problems germinating seeds Anna will solve them for you.

Mulches & growing media

Anna will help you to select the best mulches and growing media to use in your garden. She will also discuss techniques of soil improvement and discuss the pros and cons of using various soil ameliorants and additives

Propagation methods

Anna will help you propagate any plant in your garden. She will help you to devise a propagation calendar of any plants that you wish to propagate and work alongside you at your first attempt, providing tips and the skills to ensure success in most but the most challenging cases

Making Compost & leaf mould

If you donít already have compost bins in your garden Anna will help you to decide which type to purchase. Anna can also provide instructions on how to build you own compost bin. She will then discuss the best way to ensure that you make good quality compost.
If you have a compost bin, Anna will inspect it and advice on how to make better compost in if applicable.

Anna will describe the various methods of making leaf mould and help you make good quality leaf mould to use on your garden

Reducing workload in the garden

Anna will share with you the tips she has gleaned over the years to make gardening easier; more of a pleasure and less of a chore

Creating interest e.g. focal points

Anna will explore your garden with you to identify potential focal points, areas of interest and potential mystery and describe how to create such features and moods in your garden

Additional subjects

Designing a border
Anna will work alongside you to design the shape, size and position of a new border in your garden. She will also provide instructions for soil preparation, assist with choice and sourcing of plants and advise on all relevant cultural information

Creating a wild flower plantings
Anna will work alongside you in assessing the suitability of a site for wild flower plantings. She will help select suitable species to grow and assist in the sourcing of plants. She will advise on the seasonal maintenance required to ensure that the wild flower meadow thrives

Prairie Planting
Anna can design a prairie planting scheme and provide details of the seasonal maintenance of a prairie planting

Creating a haven for wildlife
Anna can help to plan wildlife gardens. She will help with the selection of trees, shrubs and other plants, which will entice wildlife into your garden and provide them with food and shelter.

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